Matrix-Q Think Tank for Universities [Matrix-Q Study Circle]

Matrix-Q Think Tank for Universities

Would you like explore into a novel approach for multidisciplinary scientific research, innovation and global sustainable development ? Build up a Matrix-Q Study Circle at your University ?

The Matrix-Q Research Institute offers support for researchers and innovators that would like to coordinate, start and develop together at their university a study circle dedicated to acquisition of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills,  with focus on Multidisciplinary research and innovation.

The first stage of this ONLINE PROGRAM will be to join an international multidisciplinary Matrix-Q Think Tank, where Matrix-Q fields of study will be approached and basic Matrix-Q Tools for research and assessment will be instructed. [ ]

Complementary, for Matrix-Q Study Circles that would like to engage into SDG Projects and SDG Innovation, based on their multidisciplinary research and collaboration within the frame of the Matrix-Q Study Circles, will be welcome to apply for the 3 Months free e-learning program on Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools and Skills on Holistic Systemic Strategic Management applied to SDG. [URL]

Researchers that will participate in the study circles will as well receive the benefits of joining the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Pool. []


If you are a student, a graduated student or professor, please contact us for more details and instructions on how to build a Matrix-Q Study Circle at your University.


Please contact us for more details: