Mr Pool Hub Members enjoy from the following benefits provided by the Matrix-Q Research Institute

  • e-learning materials
  • certificates for participation
  • access to private scientific research data and publications
  • collaboration with research and innovation projects of the Matrix-Q Research Institute
  • collaboration with start ups of the Matrix-Q Research Institute
  • participation in commercial, non commercial, non profit projects
  • opportunities for consultancy, advisory, master classes, provide training and coaching, mentorship
  • automatic licenses (trainer, coach, consultant, trainer of trainers and coaches)
  • co authorship in scientific publications
  • take the tasks you wish
  • choose your own time availability, how many hours per week or season you wish to invest
  • choose the level of responsibility or commitment you want
  • flexible time schedule
  • choose if you wish to work with dead lines or without them

Members will collaborate with the development of a scientific approach which is nature inspired, systemic, holistic, synergetic, with focus on study of nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles, patterns, as well as of human potential (human stages of development, human genome, DNA studies, human factor), and create bridges between ancient cultures and civilizations that developed a nature inspired knowledge and technology and the emerging modern global culture and civilization, its issues and needs.

Participate and collaborate in the strategy and approach of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.